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We verify all key elements of both your current position, a comfortable capacity and your overall investment strategy for property. Our focus is assist you to achieve your goals and objectives. We can liaise with your financial adviser/s as we are independent investment property specialists.
After a detailed assessment we provide a short list of properties that matches your strategy, being the right price point, type of property and in the right location. This property is analysed to achieve the right result for the short, medium and longer term, time frames towards your goal.
This matches your property strategy, your capacity, comfortably within your affordability and has been chosen based upon numerous key factors to driver benefit to you throughout your ownership. Buy Build Invest provides you the knowledge to be successful in property investing and is always here to assist.

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“Thank you for your assistance in explaining each step of the investment process and providing us a wealth of knowledge, this has been the key to our property success” - SF VIC 

“After my initial purchase in 1994 my investment property has increased 4.5 times in its value. Today I have a substantial property portfolio that is self sufficient so a huge thanks" - DB VIC

"Thanks for providing us a completely professional, precise, knowledgeable and very friendly service” - CM QLD

“The cash flow forecasts for the property, the returns, costs, tax benefits and positive outcomes that he calculated have been spot on”. – MM QLD

Book a FREE no obligation meeting:
“How To Succeed With Property Investing”